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Sutra Link

Sutra Link is the premier social network for dancers and the fans that follow them. Sutra Link allows dancers to stay connected to their favorite fans and clients through the private social network of Sutra Link. Don’t wait or hope for your fans to arrive at the club, notify them that your dancing and can’t wait to see them. Bring your fans to you every opportunity you can, and Sutra Link is your connection to them.


Create a private profile and allow only those special fans and clients access to your information. Our unique check-in feature notifies your followers that your dancing and ready for them to visit. Dancers can post pictures to entice new fans to come visit and see you in action, increasing your fans. Dancers can accept, reject and delete fans and followers at their discretion. Dancers can notify fans and followers when they change club locations, ensuring your fans continue following you no matter where you go. This is the ideal application to increase fans and stay connected privately and securely.


Only after acceptance by the dancer can the fan see the dancers schedule and not miss an opportunity to see their favorite dancer in action. Don’t miss a dancer because they change locations or change their schedule, Sutra Link allows you to stay informed and connected. Fans also have the unique check-in feature notifying their favorite dancer that they are in the audience and waiting for their appearance. The fans can also use the messaging feature to stay connected to the dancer.