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Have you ever wanted to create a shortened version of your favorite song? Then Splicer is for you. Splicer’s tools enable users to create a splice from any song on your phone. By using Splicer’s simple song editor you can select a starting point and ending point of any song and create a splice from your favorite part of the song. Splicer allows you to share you splice via Facebook, Twitter, text message or email. You can follow other users and see what splice’s are trending worldwide. Don’t have a splice you want, no worries, Splicer’s upgrade version allows you to hear and share splices from other users. Download now and share your first splice.

Splicer is 100% free to use, you get all these features…

  • Search the database by Artist, Song, Username or Keyword
  • Ability to hear and post any database splice.
  • Preview Splices in iTunes and purchase.