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MVP Scouts

Athletes have the ability to create a personalized profile that list their athletic skills, talents and videos. MVP Scouts is the only mobile sports social network that allows players, scouts, coaches and parents to view and follow players as they pursue their sports dream.


MVP Scouts allows all users to stay connected with players by adding them to your Favorite Players list. Be notified when players update, change or upload new videos. All users can message each other and stay current on upcoming games and events.

With MVP Scouts players can create a detailed profile with videos, stats, additional information and market their athletic skills to get recruited. Scouts and coaches can search and view player profiles and videos for any sport, position, city or state.


Players can update, change, upload videos as needed at any time to keep their profile current and up-to date. Every player profile includes the following categories:

  • Personal Information
  • Sport Stats
  • Videos
  • Schools of Interest
  • Upcoming events
  • Camps/Events Attended
  • Additional Comments