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Frequently asked questions

1. What is Top Tier Admission?
Our Admission software allows users to place multiple text fields on any PDF document (Specifically Admission Agreements), auto-populate these fields with data and electronically sign the document using a stilelis pen or finger (designed for a touch screen PC tablet, MS Surface Pro). After signed the documents can be uploaded to the residents chart in your Healthcare Software system (PointClickCare).

2. How it works?
Designed with simplicity and ease of use for our users. Our software lets users modify there current admission agreements with text fields that can be auto-populated with the residents data in seconds. Your residents can electronically sign the Admission agreement on a PC tablet (Surface Pro recommended) and upload the agreement directly to the residents chart within your Healthcare software (PointClickCare).

3. Whats the Benefits?
Benefits depend on how the you utilize the software. These are just a few.

  • Auto-Populate your admission agreement in seconds
  • Add new pages to your Admission agreement with ease
  • Electronically sign your document using a PC Tablet
  • Save and upload Admission Agreements directly to your Healthcare Software (PointclickCare TM)
  • Retrieve documents on the fly, Locate saved documents in minutes.
  • Eliminate excess cost, Paper, Toner, Time, and storage of documents – Click here to see average monthly savings.

4. What is the membership cost?
We have several membership options. Please see our membership details page to review the best Membership for your needs.

5. How long is the Trial Period?
All membership periods come standard with a 14 day trial period. You can use the full software version for 14 days free of charge, with no risk and you can cancel anytime.

6. When can I cancel?
Anytime, Login to your Top Tier membership account and choose “Cancel”. Confirm your cancellation and you will not be charged for any future membership fees.

7. I’m I charged if I cancel before the 14 Day trail period ends?
No, as long as you cancel on or before the 14 days from the day you download Top Tier Admission.

8. What is needed to use the Admission software?
Our Admission software is a Windows OS based software program. The program must be downloaded and installed on any Windows OS system touch screen PC. We recommend installing on a MS Surface PC running Windows 7 operating system or newer, and at least 2 GB of memory.
NOTE: If your PC does not allow installs due to Network firewall precautions please call your IT Dept. or system Administrator for installation instructions.

9. Can I use Top Tier Admission on a CITRIX or other Network system?
Yes, Top Tier Admission software can be installed on a Network System (CITRIX or other Network). Network Administrators and End Users must comply with our Software Agreement and EULA Terms when installed on a network systems. Top Tier Studio offers multiple network users within one (1) Healthcare facility from one assigned product key. Prior written approval by Top Tier Studio can validate multi-users at a specific Healthcare facility. Please contact for further details. Otherwise your Top Tier Membership account will determine how many users are allowed to use the installed software on your network system. One paid download allows one install and one user access. See our Terms and Conditions and software agreement for specific details.

10. Can the software be used for documents other than Admission agreements?
Yes, even though the software was designed to be used with Admission agreements you can use the software with any PDF document. Just open any PDF document and add the text fields. Auto-populate the boxes and sign. Use the software for any documents needing signatures and electronic storage. Use the software for Denial letters, Consents, acknowledgments and agreements.

11. Can I use Top Tier Admission with an iPad or Samsung Tablet?
Yes, under certain circumstances you can use Top Tier Admission with an iPad or Samsung Tablet. This is possible as long as you are using a network account system (CITRIX or other) where Top Tier Admission software is installed. Contact your IT or CITRIX system administrator to confirm proper installation of Top Tier Admission Software. Be advised that if installed on a network system you must comply with our terms and conditions and network users are based on membership level, unless otherwise approved for multi-users per one (1) Healthcare facility. Please contact for further details.

12. Is Top Tier Admission Secure and HIPAA compliant?
Yes, for financial and data transmition Top Tier Admission uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the server using SSL technology. SSL Encrypts the data into an undecipherable format that can only be returned to a readable format with the proper decryption key. Our SSL certificate is visible and located on our “Checkout” page of our website. Top Tier Admission software is secure and private with all information typed and used when creating any document. Top Tier Admission software does not save, store or copy any data while the software is being used.See our Terms and Conditions and software agreement for specific details.